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I am the wrong person in the wrong situation! I almost feel guilty with the economy like it is, and with some nurses getting laid off, having difficulty finding a job at all, or simply needing extra... Read More

  1. by   ArwenEvenstar
    Quote from smartnurse1982
    The pay is low considering to rent a 3 bedroon apt costs 2400 a month and car insurance is 250 a month. But really, why don't a lot of nurses do pdn? I think most have not heard of it, because if I go with a patient to the hospital and I tell them who I am, they look at me and say" oh you are the home health aide. I then have to explain pdn to them. Also, this is, imho, the least respected area of nursing. Some responses I've gotten are"you must be lazy otherwise you would be in a hospital. A therapist stated "I've never heard of nurses doing pdn full time" after I told her I do this 40 hours a week.
    Dang! We are actually landlords and own a 3 bedroom house that we rent out for $625 a month! And it was pushing it to get that much! Okay, now the measly $18-20 an hour doesn't seem so bad. : )

    Yea, I'm with ya. I also have had to explain/defend private duty NURSING. People always think I am a home care assistant. Grrrr....No! I am a RN!! These are high tech pts with vents, trachs, seizures, etc. I am not giving baths to elderly people!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yea, when I left the hospital over 4 years ago now to go to private duty I got some negative comments. "You'll lose all your skills." "You will not be challenged." Etc. Grrrrr..... Okay, I have indeed lost a few skills BUT I have gained new ones. I do procedures in the home that nurses in the hospital were not permitted to do. Like totally changing out a trach. I was freaked the first time I had to do nurses could not do this at the hospitals I worked at. MD's or resp had to do it. I have also gained ventilator experience and other respiratory skills. As for challenges....Some of the complex and dysfunctional coping and psycho-social dynamics that I have encountered in the families of these long term disabled people is very challenging to deal with. I am like a psych nurse at times and stretched to the edges of my own sanity! haha!

    Yes, we deserve more respect! Private duty nursing is "easier" than the hospital, but it has its share of challenges. I do not think everyone could do it!!
  2. by   Itshamrtym
    amen!!!! here in md the pay is low.... ($23.00 per hour where i work)... i have had many people (even family) ask how is that patient you "watch". excuse me i'm a rn, not a babysitter... it's all good though... they don't understand the dynamics of home care. and, for the record we have tons of work here!!!!! it has been that way the 12 years that i have been a nurse... take care everyone.... and thanks for being their for our "kids"...
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    May I ask what state you're in? I'm an RN looking to do Private Duty Home Care cases as an independent Medicaid Provider in NYS. Would you know how I go about finding such cases? I have all the necessary paperwork done already.
  4. by   Itshamrtym
    Sorry, can't help you.... Im in Maryland and work for an agency... good luck!