Not happy with Peds PDN and need for help

  1. I've been in Pediatric Private Duty Nursing for over 1 year now. It was the only opportunity I received after graduating with a BSN from school and am super grateful for the opportunity. Lately, I am feeling that PDN is not for me anymore. I feel too much like a babysitter, am not feeling the reward of being a nurse, and feel it's too slow of a pace. I am also a case manager on one of my cases and already do the extra paperwork. My supervisor wants to meet with me for one-to-one conversation to see how I am doing and I am not sure how to discuss my current feelings with her. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   PediatricRNTX
    Are u actively looking for another job? Or are there other opportunities at ur current job? If you have another opportunity at ur current job or suggestions on how to improve your position then tell ur boss how u feel.
  4. by   HL85RN
    I am actively looking for another job but no luck so far. I am at the highest position I can go at my current company unless I want to be stick in the office with paperwork. I still would prefer the hands-on care at this moment.