New homecare nurse..feeling discouraged/incompetent

  1. A warm hello to all of my lovely/handsome nurses ������! I am a brand new LPN and landed a homecare job part time offering great pay. my client suffered a spinal cord injury and is a quadriplegic for over 20 years now. Overall I really like the client and their family but I feel completely overwhelmed by the job. It honestly does border more on the CNA side work wise in some ways but the client has so many parts of his routine I almost feel as if I'll never catch on. I'm new to using lifts and operating a power chair, using a vent and caring for a Suprapubic catheter (have done foley etc) and I'm really having a hard time trying to master proper body mechanics r/t turning the pt. ...He is also very specific about everything he does (ex: when giving meds must hold med cup in specific hand and glass in another ..if not client gets upset ) honestly I left my second shift on my own and just cried . I feel totally incompetent and embarrassed. I've worked as an aide and even though no particular task is really hard I just can't seem to get it right..can anyone offer advice to a new nurse on keeping your you fight off anxiety and how to improve upon myself?! I'm at a complete loss
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  3. by   caliotter3
    I trust that you have talked with him to establish "ease"? Does he attempt to work with you, or is he critical of everything you say or do as you walk through the door? If he is patient with you, then give yourself some time. If he is critical of everything, then cut your losses now and tell the agency that you need a new case. And for the record, quads and vent patients are known for having "control" issues. It comes with the territory. You will learn to accept this aspect of their care or you need to avoid this type of client. How do you feel about working with children? That might be a better fit until you gain some confidence in the home environment.
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    Hi , this is actually a private duty case ,so it is not via an agency. He really is nice but very particular about what he likes. All of the work I entailed is doable just incredibly daunting. He requires 24 hour care and has had all his other nurses for I get that he is used to a routine. It's just frustrating when you're trying your best and still feel like you're getting nowhere *♀️
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    Since it is private duty, I can see why you would be more concerned or anxious about making it work out. About all you can do is to try your best every shift and give yourself the time that it took for the other long term nurses to get to where they are.
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    Oh, you might want to reconsider using what looks to be your real name as your screen name. This site is open to the general public. You would not want the patient or his family upset with you because they saw you posting about them here.