Last time I drive through a hurricane for YOU!

  1. So it took me 45 minutes to get to my job Monday night, at the height of Hurricane Sandy in my area. It should have taken me 8 minutes. I had to figure out several alternate routes due to trees and lines down. I get there, and the mom dramatically chastises me for taking unnecessary risks to get there, that I should have stayed home. THEN WHY DIDN'T SHE CALL OFF HER NURSE??? Most of the other clients did! Matter of fact that's why she even had a nurse at all; my regular client cancelled and I asked for another job because I needed the work.

    I don't expect a parade and fireworks in celebration when I arrive at a home during inclement weather, but I do expect a heartfelt thank you and some expression of appreciation that they'll be able to get some sleep that night. Don't make me feel stupid for doing my job! Grrr....
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  3. by   afjgnp
    In my area, the outpatient clinics were closed at the hospital I work at. I sent an email the night before(went through). The next day I got an email from my boss stating that I was "no call,no show". In the almost 20 years I have been a nurse, I have never been "no call, no show". So you are damned if you go in and damned if you don't. PS my boss said she had gotten the email asking if staff were to report in the morning, but didn't respond until after 12 noon.
  4. by   CloudySue
    If they were closed, how did they even know you didn't go in?