Issues @ work, need suggestions

  1. Hi! I'm currently working a case f/t. We have a new nurse that I oriented that is new to private duty. I spent a few days with her teaching her about trachs, feeding tubes, and all the basics about private duty. A few weeks later she has decided to bring politics in to a case that never had it before. It was a quiet, mostly drama-free case until she came in. She has hospital experience and I guess she thought she would have to bring the politics with her. I gave her every tool I could to help her succeed. Even gave her my cell number so she could call/text me with any questions when I went on vacation or was off. She turned around and started playing games. I was the one that got her on the case to begin with as the mother wanted my opinion on who to put on the case. At first I thought that other than lack of experience with trachs, that she was great. Then all of the sudden she sent me a text asking me why I backstabbed her. I never did a thing except tell the supervisor what a pleasure it was to work with her. Then she took a day of mine by manipulation. So the office called me and told me that they were putting her on a day and pulling me off because I had OT. But I was scheduled!! The office told me during that call that they had already talked to this nurse and she would be working that day. So next thing I know the nurse texted me asking "Who is working tomorrow". Even though she knew...she was playing around. So then she started politics with the parent trying to make me look bad. Well now the parent has been "cold" to me the past couple of weeks. Well last week the nurse got a DWI and I had to cover her shift for her while she was in jail. Well that gave me more OT and the agency pulled another day from me and she got her hours back as she had been scheduled. The agency didn't and doesn't know about the DWI....the agency will shoot the messenger!! So basically I lost OT for covering for her and keeping my mouth shut while she got her hours back. Well I went back to work after a day off and see that this nurse has decorated the patients casts....thats great, except on the underside where its hard to see she wrote "my best nurse is, (nursesname)". Excuse me?!?! Really?!?! So tonight I see that she has friended the parent on facebook. So then I see that the mom had something nasty to say about me because I did my job like I'm supposed to and she didn't like it. Unfortunately, there are no other cases with work available right now. I'd ask the agency to put me on another case or at least move some of my hours to another case. I can't afford to lose any hours. But I don't want any trouble by staying on the case either.

    This other nurse is wrong on soooo many levels. What do I do?
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  3. by   juzme
    Hmmm yeah it sounds like some major game playing is going on. Most agencies really do not want to hear all of the drama(only report what is necessary for your clients well being...just continue doing the job you are supposed and cross all of your Ts and dot all of your Is. REFUSE to play any games and do not say anything bad about anyone to do with your case to agency or client or even another nurse. Do not talk with client or other nurse when you are off duty. STICK to the nursing care only. It is amazing how manipulative some families are with their nurses and some nurses will practically do anything for hours. In the mean time, keep looking for other work. Good luck!
  4. by   tothepointeLVN
    Can't you lose your nursing license if you have a DWI?
  5. by   SnMrsSmiley
    report her to whoever you need to report to that she has recently gotten a DWI.