best ways to find private duty, independantly

  1. I would love to find my own- independent of agency- private duty jobs. One on one.

    I am an experienced LVN, have contacted my state board for information and rules to follow when I do this, but yes I can do this. Great! So, now...

    I can not manage shift work any longer on staff, or most recent employer through an agency, the experience is really terrible

    for me- going to new facilities all the time- and my anxiety is off the charts. I am being treated for that right now. But I need

    to make a living....and I am thinking of alternatives.

    In the past I have done home health care, through a great agency but they are out of the geographical area I now live in.

    So my question to any of you that have done do you find your own PD jobs? did you advertise in newspaper?

    make business cards and pass out?

    I will purchase my own high level malpractice insurance to cover self employment, any other ideas?

    Thank you and blessings
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  3. by   caliotter3
    My friend did this for years. She said she found her clients through word of mouth after she favorably impressed the first client when working through an agency. You can also find clients on craigslist, or in newspaper ads, but be careful.