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This is my first post on allnurses. I have been working as a private duty nurse (LPN) for almost a year now with pediatric patients. Im thinking abouy switching to something else when i get my RN, since I am in my last semester. Does anyone else have bad luck with parents or is it just me? I do everything I am supposed to do and more. Never late, rarely call out. I cant seem to pinpoint why I keep getting passed from case to case. Any advice or PDN experience ??

Believe me, it is not you. If it were, your 'professional' DPCS and clinical supervisor would have had a talk with you.Do not take responsibility for the family dysfunction. When your agency takes it out on you, then find a new case with a new agency. You can always rely on fill-in work in extended care home health when you are working another specialty as an RN. RNs are valued a little more in extended care hh. At least they have better options available.

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