private duty nursing


I'm interested in picking the brain of someone who does private duty nursing. Questions like, how did you set up your business; what is your criteria for accepting clients. Generally, how did you get going at it.

Believe it or not, I'm in an area where there isn't a nursing shortage. I've been out of the profession for some years, so I took a refresher course with a clinical component and I still can't find a job. I thought this might be a way for me to practice. Hope someone is out there who can help.


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Don't ever sign with any agency. I am an rn and make 20 an hour.its not good for rns at all,or even lpn for that matter. Lpns make 19.00 an hour. Health benefits will set you back 60 for singles,150 for mother and child, and 250 for famlies(all weekly by the way. Nj was a good state,made 30 an hour

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