Private duty LPN v New York Week Managed Care


I am a 46-year-old quiet on Medicaid and been receiving nursing care at home for approximately 30 years. After since leaving a home care agency about 12 years ago, I have been receiving LPN private duty nursing. I suddenly received the letter from New York State regarding Medicaid managed care which stated that I must join Medicaid managed care in the least 30 days.

My question is can I keep my private duty nursing (Medicaid provider) if I join in managed care provider.

Although the letter that I received from New York stated that I must join a managed care, I do not want to lose any of my LPN private Medicaid provider(I currently have four study nurses as opiate private providers) if I join managed care. It is unlikely that any mime nurses will choose to go with any agency I mainly because the reimbursement rate to an agency and therefore salary is much less.

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You need to ask your nurses if they are credentialed to accept the Medicaid managed care provider or call customer service at your managed care options to see what they recommend. Know that many managed care organizations do not credential LPNs as independent providers only MD, DO, APN and some RN since technically LPNs cannot independently practice even if the state allows an LPN to work as an independent contractor.

Many states will not credential LPNs as independent contractors for Medicaid as LPNs can't practice independently without direction of an RN APN MD DO DDS or DMD oversight