Private college financial aid question


Hi guys, I am trying to apply now at a few private college's to stay on track with my BSN goal. I am currently going to a state university and the tuition is about $4500 per year, excluding books,fees,etc. Anyway, this year my bill was paid in full and I also had extra money refunded to me. Now, these private schools I'm looking at are running around $22,000 per year, versus my $4500 one now. Does anyone know if they offer aid packages that high? My aid package for my current school for 09-10 year is set now at like $18000 or so, and again I get a refund, so in theory I'm thinking maybe I can indeed get close to covering a private school and forfeit my refund, which I will glady do to get in, of course! Any thoughts on this? Thanks

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