Private CNA school versus a College/University CNA certificate



I have explored CNA schooling options and noticed that college and university CNA cert programs are longer and more expensive than the private CNA school programs. Which type of schooling is looked upon more favorably by employers? Does it even matter? I ultimately want a CNA position in a hospital once I get certified, as I plan to enter nursing school within the next 2-3 years.

I appreciate everyone's advice! TIA

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As long as you pass the state test no one is going to really care how you got there.


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I agree with Casi. I got my CNA certs from a private school. And completed the program with then 4 wks. I think longer programs may have a longer clincal training. But, I learned everything I didnt learn in class within a weeks time. It was a bit hard to grasp at first but now I feel like I can work on any floor at my job due to I work on a skilled floor more than anything. Also, me going to a private school for my CNA gave me 2 job offers at local hospitals in my city. I declined both of the offers though since I make a hell of alot more and cheaper insurance with my job at the nursing home. LTC( nursing homes) is more work but hospitals in my city pay alot less and the insurance is much more expensive.

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