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privacy issues re. those individual med packs


I've been a camp nurse for 4 years but this is the first time I've had a camper whose meds are individually packaged (https://www.campmeds.com/). I know some camps require such a thing, but mine doesn't. I have privacy concerns when throwing this kid's med packet in the trash since she takes some psych meds.....How do others deal with this?

Thanks and wishing everyone a good, healthy summer!


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I'm not a camp nurse but I run into a similar problem in the hospital with pt.'s meds that are sent from pharmacy in a ziplock w/ a label affixed that contains the pt. 's info. The labels are almost always impossible to peel off. Here's some thoughts:

A.) Is there a locked box for depositing papers w/ sensitive info.? In the main office perhaps? You could put all the wrappers in there.

B.) Do you have access to a shredder? You could run them through a shredder. If you taped them to a piece of paper it would make them easier/quicker to shred.

B.) Easiest way: black out the information w/ a black Sharpie as long as you can get it dark enough to obscure the information. Make sure it can't be smudged off. You can then throw in the regular trash.


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They also sell those little inky roller thingies that blot out info. I use them for when I throw out my own med bottles at home.

Thank you both for responding! I asked the arts and crafts director to switch my red sharpie for a black one, as that seems like the easiest way to go this. Really appreciate the help!