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Prisma Health in Greenville, SC


Hello, I am currently in my senior year of nursing school. I will graduate in April of 2021, and will take my boards in Georgia. I am seriously considering moving to Greenville, SC. Does anyone work at Prisma Health in Greenville and what are your thoughts/tips and advice for acquiring a job there? Also, the best places to live near downtown for single 40 year old ladies??


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Hi!! Am disappointed there have been no replies to your post yet! Am also looking at Greenville and Prisma Health! I went to visit Greenville recently and liked it! Good luck with the rest of your schooling! (I graduated from an accelerated program in May at the age of 38). Maybe we will meet in Greenville one day!

I currently am a tech at Prisma and I love it. I've worked at other hospitals in the area and this is the best in my opinion. Prisma is also in the process of bumping up pay scales to be more in line with national averages (and to compete with local hospitals as well). I've heard that starting RN pay is between $27-$30, but I don't know if that is accurate.

Downtown is more pricey when it comes to apartments so I would suggest looking at Powdersville or Simpsonville for better prices. Woodruff Rd has some good prices and nice complexes, but it absolutely is THE WORST traffic in the upstate. The word nightmare doesn't even come close to describing Woodruff Rd traffic. Taylors is also a nice area that is mostly subdivisions and family-oriented stuff, but it is maybe 10 minutes from downtown and all the nightlife. A lot of people I work with live in Mauldin and enjoy it there.

I really like our location, it's around 2ish hours to both Charlotte and Atlanta and around 4 hours to the beach with a slightly better cost of living. 

Hello! I am also curious about this hospital system as well as any others in the Greenville area. I'm planning to move to the Greenville area with my family in 2022. I'm wondering about the reputations of the hospitals there as well as pay range. I live in NJ and have a decent salary. I know the pay will be less there....just wondering how significant the difference will be. Any responses are appreciated!