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Hi Everyone,

I'm currently considering taking an LPN course fulltime while I complete my RN prerequisites partime. Im suppose to be attending prism institute for the lpn but i'm having trouble finding current reviews for their lpn program. Can anyone tell me what to expect or what their lpn program is like and if you were able to transfer to an RN program when you completed it. Thanks in advance :)

Hello I saw that you mentioned Prism Institute. I am new to the philadelphia area and also interested in checking out Prism Institute.Seeing the date that this was posted. Did you end up going to Prism Institute? If so would you reccomend it? I have been trying to find reviews on the school and I am only finding mixed reviews.

I apologize for not responding sooner,but I decided against it. I have an associate's degree in allied health so I do have at least 4 classes thats in their curriculum that I already took. My admission's rep tried to "trick" me into attending because she said that they will look at my college transcript and the classes that I dont need will most likely be waived depending on my grades. Well to my suprise I came to find out that they donot look at your college transcripts, they only look at high school transcripts. She knew this information and refused to inform me.....anyway it ended with me walking out and then leaving a voicemail telling her how disgusted I was and how unprofessional their institution is. If they had told me from the beginning that they only looked at high school transcripts I might of still went thru with the process, but they were completely dishonest, and everyone in the admissions department including my financial aid rep heard me asking about this and said nothing....that was my deal breaker.

Oh and I will not recommend this program at all, I recommend Folcroft's LPN program

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