Priority nsg dx help!!!!


Is this a correct order of priority

1. Decreased cardiac output R/T cardiovascular dysfunction (altered preload, afterload, heart rate and rhythm) AEB prolonged capillary refill, diminished peripheral pulses, changes in BP, weakness

2. Impaired physical mobility R/T aging ( endurance,  muscle control;  muscle mass;  muscle strength); musculoskeletal impairment (rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis) intolerance to activity, AEB complains of weakness, tiredness fatigue of lower extremities, difficulty turning, unsteady gait; limited range of motion; postural instability; slowed movement

3. Activity intolerance R/T imbalanced between oxygen supply and demand, cardiac depressant effects (beta blockers) AEB alterations in heart rate, BP, states weakness


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This is how I learnt to set priorities for nursing diagnosis. It's a pretty simple way to remind yourself of what's important.