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Good afternoon everyone. I have a very important question regarding my chances of getting into a nursing program. I plead guilty to a DUI 9 years ago which may of hurt me. I know that I did wrong and wanted to take ownership of my wrong doings. However in the state of Florida you can not get a record expunged or sealed if you pled quilt to any crime. This has always been a fear for me but something else more serious happened this past November. My daughter was have severe behavior issues during the first several months of covid. Her father and I were going through a divorce which was taking so long to finalize because of the lockdown. I found out I was pregnant by my now husband, schools were shut down, her alopecia came back( she hadn't had it in years) it was a lot of stress on her. I am only saying this because I don't blame her for anything because it was a lot for her. When school resumed she  refused to go and became very violent towards me. I had to call the police several times when she hit me and refused to go to school. She was baker acted several times because she said to myself and others she wanted yo hurt herself. I didn't know what to do. After her sister was born she seemed so happy and a little bit better. Her father had moved to NY from Florida and didn't really see or speak to her much even though she wanted and needed him so badly. She wanted to live with him. I knew that he didn't want her or to change his lifestyle by taking on a child all my himself especially with her behavioral issues. I'm November of 2023 she was so combative about everything saying she's wants to live with her father because she would be happier. Again her father did not want to take her and I knew this because I suggested it to him to see if her behavior would change. That night she became violent and was screaming so loud because I wouldn't give her phone because it had been taken away. She was doing this in front of her baby sister and she was screaming and scared. I kept bringing her please just go to your room. She refused. She started throwing herself down on the kitchen floor saying I want my father. She kicked me and I grabbed a wooden spoon from the drawer and popped her on her leg to get her to leave the situation. Even then she wouldn't stop and kept screaming. I left the situation and took my toddler upstairs. Hours later while I was laying in bed around 11 pm there was a knock at the door. Two police officers ask me to come outside and I was handcuffed. I was calm but kept saying why is this happening. They said there was a report of child's use. I told them to let me show you proof of everything that I have about her behavior. I was honest and told them what happened even about the spoon. Right then one officer said we are taking you in because I used a weapon but the other police officer did look up my file of every time I had called the police on her but still there was nothing they could do because of what I said. A month later it was dismissed because I had luckily saved videos of her outburst and violence, proof of her being baker acted and violent with others. This was so hard!! I was not allowed to even be left alone with my now 2 year because of the charge. I have applied to a school and have to do my background check next week but I'm terrified. I have always dreamed of being a nurse and worked so hard. I feel like I don't know what to do or if I shouldn't even go. Please any advice would be helpful. Also my daughter did go leave with her father and came back a few months after that. She is a happy and healthy 13 year old. I think she realized that her fathers house wasn't what she imagined and unfortunately what I always knew of him not wanting her full time. Thank you everyone for listening

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