previously was CNA but has lapsed by a decent time, can I challange the CA CNA test

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I worked for over 4 years as a CNA, I then ventured off to other aspects and areas of work. I have decided to return and am wondering if I can challenge the California CNA test.

Call them and find out. It should be no more than filling out the application and paying the fee to take the test.

thanks I will call Monday morning

See if you can find the application online. I couldn't find it one time years ago when I looked. You might be able to get the info you need and fill out the application from the website today.

is this the proper application?

Would I call the red cross for testing? as I dont think the CDPH offers the test themselves.

I don't see anything on this form for someone who has already held a CNA certificate like in your case. I think you should probably call them and see if you can do this without having to go through another training class.

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