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Previous Ryerson Grads, question about mature student entry

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So I've been looking at a few schools, and I came to the Ryerson program, which I've heard great things about.

My question is about mature student entry.

I graduated from Ryerson in 2004 with a BFA, so technically I have all my pre-requistes (liberal ones, not sciences). However, by the time I apply for nursing school, it will probably be 2014...10 years after my graduation. So does that mean all my liberals won't count?

Also, if they do count by some lucky chance, it means I will have a lighter course load, right? This would be great, cause it means i'll be able to work, or spend more time with my son. However, will it reduce my tuition in any way, or shorten the program a bit if I take another course slightly earlier?

Any input on going to Ryerson would be great. I'm sort of debating between U of T's 2nd year entry course, and Ryerson's 4 year program. Either way, I'll have pre-requisites to make up. Arg.



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joanna73 is a BSN, RN and works as a Geriatrics Nurse.

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I'm a Ryerson '10 grad. I thought the program was exceptional, and I had a great time. I felt Ryerson grads were a little better prepared in some respects. I had clinicals in 4th year with U of T students, and while in the end, it doesn't matter, Ryerson students accepted a full patient load, while U of T students accepted 1-2 patients on the same floor. For entry as a mature student to Ryerson, you'll require the same Chem, Math, Biology, and English prerequisites as everyone else, plus a resume with an 80-85 percent average. The school will tell you 70+, but realistically, you won't be accepted with anything less than 80 percent.

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