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I am doing a presentation on preventing infections in patients with indweling caths. If you have some interventions that you use to prevent infection, would you share? Thanks so much.

--A student in need--:)


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it looks like no one is going to answer this one. i kind of expected that as soon as i read your question a few hours ago. people get a bit testy when it seems we're being asked to do their research or homework. foley care is pretty standard and basic stuff and should be clearly outlined in any basic nursing skills text. i personally do not have any special tricks or interventions up my sleeve, just the standard stuff.


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Sterile technique when inserting the foley. Once the foley has been drained it is no longer a closed sterile container. So it is important to never let the foley bag be put higher than the patient's bladder level. I sometimes see members of staff put the bag on top of the client's abdomen or on a pillow on the bed when taking the patient for a test or for transfer. This allows the urine (which is now in a non sterile, perhaps bacteria filled bag) to drain back into the patient. Hope this helps.

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