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I just finished my first year of nursing school at a community college that has an agreement with one of the top nursing programs for BSN for automatic acceptance if I choose. So I have the choice to do 5 terms at the CC and then the last 4 terms at the University (with the University's name on my degree) or to get my ADN at the CC. Of course with the latter option I could always get my BSN at another school/online and so on.

So here's my question, is it worth the money (a considerable amount) to go to this "prestigious" school when I can get the same thing online cheaper? Are my chances at getting a job any higher with this school or that on my resume when we all take the NCLEX anyway?

The Pros in my mind are that this is a great school and I won't lose momentum by working full-time and letting life get in the way. The Cons are that I feel I will forget everything I learned for the NCLEX if I don't take it right away not to mention the student loans. But ultimately it seems to come down to the value of having that name on my resume.

I'm new to allnurses but have enjoyed the tips and support I've read so far! Any thoughts on the matter would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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I don't know what employers look into heavily in the nursing field: GPA? school? Most important they make sure you're licensed. My advise go do the CC classes and transfer to the BSN school. Then after you graduate, don't take long to take your NCLEX.


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Hmmm....I would just do the math in regards to finances and figure out how long it would take yourself to pull yourself out of that debt and if that will be worth it to you. I have a friend who chose to go to nursing school at a private school out of state and her tuition (even after her scholarship funding is considered) every year is $20,000....which is more than I paid for 4 semesters of nursing school at my in-state public school!!! I would hate to be in her position...graduating with $80,000 dollars of debt just to start out. To me, that's $80,000 I could use to travel the world and get married! :)

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Absolutely does not matter. Just make good grades wherever you go. Don't waste your money! BSN=BSN.


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graduating with debt is no fun. here is the advice a nurse recruiter friend gave me when i was considering my options: go for the 2 year ADN, then get a job and have your employer pay for your BSN. she said it doesn't matter to her whether someone has a 2-year or a 4-year degree as long as they are an RN.

the tricky part these days for anyone is the whole "getting a job" part. ;)

i went to a prestigious private school for my (non-nursing related) bachelor degree years ago, and it never did anything for me as far a opening doors go. i could've gone to a state school, saved a ton of cash, and wound up with the same jobs after graduation. in my experience, employers are not going to say, "wow, you went to ___ university. you are hired!"

the name really does not matter. save your cash!


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I think I may be a bit biased but I know for a fact that University of San Francisco has an excellent, highly-acclaimed BSN program. I'm a sophomore nursing student and I didn't realize it at first but I have a lot of classmates who turned down UCLA School of Nursing for University of San Francisco. I believe it has to do with the fact that, as opposed to other nursing schools, University of San Francisco emphasizes early exposure to hospitals and the actual DOING part of the job and I can really appreciate that. Of course everyone else who have responded is absolutely correct about how your school doesnt necessarily get you the job but it certainly gets your foot in the door.