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Press Ganey co. and Magnet Nursing

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Why does the company Press Ganey, the one that sends out the patient satisfaction surveys to pts. have a large area on their webpage devoted to Magnet Nursing.

Further, P G also bought Moorhead and assoc., the company that does healthcare employee satisfaction surveys for nurses--now done by the PG folks.

Is this "alignment" for the good of the pt or the RN, or to corrupt the system for what is a small pool of senior mgt at the PG co., and the Hospital administrative "teams" in order to increase the $ for bonus.

Could in a litigation proceeding on a patient chart: the RN on staff goes to the same hosp and MD as the pt., both get PG surveys as patients, further, the RN does a Moorhead assoc. RN employee satifaction/RN satisfaction survey, and the pt chart is under litigation review w/the nurses name on the chart--any conflicts here and are the specific "confidential" pt and also employee--RN-- surveys allowed to be seen in court??

A busy scenario here but not totally outlying.

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Along with the corporations/associations that send out "mandates" of "BSN in10" and other little catchy phrases meant to create illusion and accomplish nothing but make money for everyone but the nurses.....

It is all smoke and mirrors. Along with one's BSN, and MBA one should have a minor in theater.

If you throw 2 nurses on a unit with 20 patients, and ethical/moral stipulations of a state issued license, lets play "survivor" and see what happens--because then next week, we can throw 4 nurses on the unit--with a combined wage of the 2 we fired for some vague perceived infraction, and then, no, silly, not that the ratio would be better!! THEN we can put 40 patients on the unit!!

An so it goes...

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