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Does anyone here get their patient assignment before 7am? 
I remember in nursing school always being told that we could (in the future as nurses) come onto the unit early and look up info about your patient before 7am at shift change. But that this was always optional and not required at work places. 
At my current job, I don’t get my patient assignment til 7am that morning right before I go to get hand off. Not sure if that’s abnormal or not but I would love to have an opportunity to see something’s about my patient before receiving report about them. Just saying :) 


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The previous night shift and day charge solidify the day assignment together and post it around 0615/1815 so anyone can see it. There are a few nurses who come in early to see their assignment and start looking up information about their patients. Definitely makes sense to me!

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I am a traveler and so many units are now getting assignments done later and later, basically right at 7am. Staffing is definitely responsible for this and just shows how poor staffing trickles down to shift assignments. 


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before critical care, my old unit would have the staffing ready by 6:15pm. We could come in early on our own time to prepare ourselves. Now in the unit, the paper isn't ready until 6:30pm. I used to come in early but now even at 6:45 the assignment can change. So I spend the extra time to mentally prep me for a shift instead. 




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On my unit assignments are done hours in advance usually, if staffing/census changes before the start of shift adjustments are made.