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Presentation for 3rd semester class-input appreciated!

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I am doing a presentation on conflict & conflict resolution in terms of leadership and management for my 3rd semester med-surg class. Any input, advice, comments would be most appreciated!

How is conflict handled in your area (be it hospital, floor, unit...)?

Who steps in when conflict (between staff) ensues?

What is your opinion on conflict's influence on patient care?

Is there any advice you would want to give future nurses regarding conflict & leadership?

What kind of person is an effective moderator in terms of settling conflict?

What is your experience with conflict-be it with other staff- including doctors and nurses, or patients' families? How did you handle it? Would you have done something differently if you could go back?

Thanks for your time!



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Dear Calilly----

First please let me say, I wish you MUCH success in school! We need new nurses all the time and I hope you will be joining our ranks very soon.

I am not sure what kind of assignment this is...and I hope you succeed, but I think those are questions you should be ASKING YOURSELF...and answering. I don't mean to step on your toes, but you wont' find many here who are willing to do these assignments for you. Critical thinking in nursing is without a doubt MANDATORY to success and safety.

So, I would ask again, you roll these questions in your mind and I am sure your answers will be at least as good, or perhaps better (students are great thinkers with fresh perspectives) than anyone here could provide. If I have offended you w/this answer, I am sorry ....It is not my intention; I am actually trying to help you for later on! Good luck!:kiss

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I see where you are... You are a student nurse. Probably havent witnessed conflict in clinicals...due to being concerned and focused on patient care and course objectives. SO... some of your questions need some answers from nurses who are dealing with conflict daily, all that said.. In my facility as an R.N. we have the opion and responsibility of writing up the incident/and or the colleague. This is given to the charge nurse,..then to the Nurse manager. Our concerns are investigated and addressed. I am happy to say our management right now deals with issues promptly. CONFLICT..as agressive as the word may sound is necessary for change, and improved patient care. Conflict indicates a LIVING /Caring environment. An environmet with no conflict is iehter dead, or NO-ONE cares. Good luck hope more nurses post... (not to do your home work for you) ...just to give you more insight to what it REALLY is like out here...:cool:

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