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Just wanted to get a little feedback on taking classes like BST 322 and A&P one and two at NU. How many hours would you need to study a day and how many days a week? I know they really discourage working during the nursing program but how about during prereqs?In cc's it's recommended studying a couple of hours per unit so how much more studying is needed for an accelrated program? Any feedback would be appreciated. I am starting this June in the Rancho Bernardo site.



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I am a student at NUs Los Angeles Campus. You do just like you would do any other class. Not like a nursing class. I work full time and have done my A&P classes and Micro there. 8 weeks of work. Study the material, finish the labs and pass the exams and you are good. As with any class you need to study to learn the information taught to you. It also depends on the instructor. One A&P class, we competed the lab workbook reviews and studied the study guide given to us and you just had to read your textbook to learn the material. The study guide was what was tested. I had the same teacher for A&P I and Micro. The A&P II teacher is more difficult. He requires all checkpoint questions in each chapter answered(25 Plus Questions each chapter) and then you had to turn in the Lab review and use your knowledge portion of the lab and then you are given a lot of review only a day or 2 prior to the exams. He is a lot harder. You have to study if you want to learn. The more you study the better you will be at learning the material. It is a personal preference. You can work and go to school for pre-reqs, they just don't suggest it for nursing because there is much more work and way more to study and learn.



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Thank you for replying and being very detailed in your response. I have already purchased coloring books for all subjects as I plan to study hard. I love the idea of one class at a time even if it's accelerated. Just wasn't sure the difficulty level. I have worked home health but plan on finding part time or per diem work in an acute setting but I don't want it to interfere with my studies. Decisions, decisions.



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Hey lady, How are the classes going at NU?.