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Hi everybody,

Well I passed my microbiology with the gpa I need to go to my school of first choice. So I will not need to retake my chemistry because the school accepts that chemistry I took. I just need A&P I and A&P II now. I still waiting for my grade in statistics, I need a 2.5 to make gpa for program or I will have to take it over. I won't find out until Wednesday if I passed statistics. I emailed the Professor to see if he would give me my grade but he would not. I am on pins and needles wondering if I passed Statistics. I registered to take A&P I for Fall and I will take A&P II for Winter quarter. If I need to take Statistics again I think I will take it Winter quarter or do you think I should take it in the Fall quarter? I plan to apply for nursing program in Spring 2016 to hopefully be in program Fall 2016. I guess I just have to wait and see what happens Wednesday with Statistics. Thanks for listening ...

I don't know what a&p I and II are like, because at my college it's just straight a&p, but I've read from other posters that a&p II is generally harder.

Thank you for the information. It will help me make a decision.


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My personal opinion on a&p is that it is just a lot of memorization.

I had a harder time in micro than a&p. I know this may not be much help but that's how it felt for me. Good luck!

Microbiology was a challenging class for me. It was a lot of detailed information about microorganisms to learn. It was little memorization and a lot of learning the concepts and expressing the information in great detail in writing on essay tests. So if A&P is a lot of memorization it would be easier for me than microbiology. So I should be able to take Statistics with A&P I or A&P II. I've have heard A&P is time consuming but I should be able to take two classes if I have to. I hope I do not have to take Statistics but I will find out.

If you need to retake stats, why not take it in fall with A&P? Even if you didn't love stats, at least the information will be fresh in your mind and that could be an advantage. Waiting 'til spring may leave time for the information to go cold and less familiar.

And congrats on passing micro!

That's a good idea Courtney, I actually thought about that but wasn't sure if it would work with A&P . I would have to take with A&P anyway so might as well be while it still fresh in my head. I will consider that. Thank you.