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Prerequisites For Nursing Program


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Hi, I am a pre-nursing sophomore student at CSUB and I was thinking of applying to their program this year for Fall 2021. However, I'm not sure if I have a high chance of getting accepted to any nursing programs due to not having any work or volunteer experience. I've been trying to look for any volunteer work, but I live in a small town in California, so there hasn't been any luck in trying to find one especially now that we're in a pandemic. The minimum GPA at CSUB nursing program is a 3.20 for the prerequisite. My prereqs grades are:

  • Anatomy : B-
  • Physiology: currently taking now (fall 2020)
  • Microbiology: will take Spring 2021
  • Chemistry: A
  • Statistics: B-
  • Communications: A
  • English: B (took in hs dual enrollment)
  • Philosophy: B (took in hs dual enrollment)

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Do they require you to have work experience to get into their program? While it's nice to have you have to make sure they take it into (high) consideration. I would like to advise you to apply to other programs just in case. Nursing programs sometimes have fewer spots than those applying. If you could, consider out of state programs. I would also try community colleges. 

The pandemic is definitely a factor in regards to job availability, but it also depends on what type of job you're looking for (and your location). If you haven't considered it, I recommend jobs in healthcare: EMT, CNA/HHA and the like. These programs usually take 4-6 weeks to complete.


Specializes in Pre-nursing student at CSUB. Has 2 years experience.

It's not required to have work experience, but it would give me a higher chance of getting accepted. I'm planning to take a CNA program at a community college for Spring 2021. Also, I have a list of other nursing programs in California and I was thinking of applying to a nursing school in Chicago or in Arizona.