6 prerequisites classes doable?



i just wanted so input on if 6 classes that I am about to take is doable. I am set up to take micro w/lab, chem w/lab, nutrition (online), and developmental psych (online). Although I'm only getting credited for 4 classes, we all know all much work labs can be, so I'm counting them as as actual classes. Do you think it's doable or am I putting too much work on my plate. I am not working at the moment so I figure it wouldn't be too much to juggle but a few of my friends say otherwise. What do you guys think?

Sour Lemon

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It's hard to judge someone's capabilities without knowing anything about that person except for whether or not they have a job. Maybe you should listen to your friends, who presumably know a bit more.

I can tell you that nutrition is a lot more "scientific " than it sounds. I expected it to be a lot less complicated than it was.

Developmental psychology was a simple class, but I think there's often a very long paper due at the end of it.

You'll want to make sure you keep your grades high to be a competitive applicant for most nursing programs, so consider that as well. "Passing" may not be enough.