Prerequisites for BSN program



I am taking anatomy this fall and physiology in the spring of 09. I also have to take micro w/ lab during one of those semesters. Has anyone taken these courses and could give me some feedback on what semester I should take micro? Any insight would be so helpful! Thanks!


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Different people have different abilities concerning the sciences and you need to factor in how the instructors approach these subjects. You know how you are with science courses, what you find difficult, what you find easy. Anatomy is a lot of memorization and there is more hands on. Some people find micro to be difficult. I found it to be easier because my instructor gave pretty basic exams. If one did all their reading and learned/memorized material well, it was relatively easy to make an A. Physiology was difficult for me because my instructor made it difficult. He gave questions on the exams that required one to know the info inside out and be able to apply it to complex questions. He went beyond basic. People who got an A from him earned it. So if you can find out through the grapevine how your instructors for these subjects are, that will help in your decision. Just by what I experienced, if it were me, I would try to take physiology by itself because I found it to be the hardest class. This may not apply to you. Someone else might be able to handle everything in one semester. It's an individual thing. Good luck.

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