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Hello to all, I recently contacted ECU's CON to inquire information about their Anesthesia program. I was informed by the Director that I am on the right path with my current position as an RN (CTICU at Duke U). I recieve my BSN degree at ECU with 3.7 GPA. I recieved all A's in all my physiology classes, micro,patho, and pharmacology while recieving B's in ECU's chemistry classes for health sciences majors (1120/1130 if you know what I'm talking about).

The director informed me that I can take a biochem class to refresh myself if needed but strongly encouraged me to take an advanced physiology class to properly prepare myself while making myself seem like an eager applicant to the board.

My question is, has anyone who applied to this program taken an advance phys class at ECU or otherwise? Any information would be great, Thanks!

I didn't take any graduate level sciences prior to applying. I know quite a few other people over the past few years who didn't either. However, when it comes to applying to nurse anesthesia school, you have to consider that most people have similar GPAs, GRE scores, CCRN, and ICU experience. It's easy for us all to look the same on paper. Taking a graduate level science would definitely make you stand out and help you prepare for the program. Also, I know people who didn't have great undergrad science grades and by taking a graduate level course and kicking butt in it they redeemed themselves.

Thanks! I ended up talking to the program director and she said it would benefit me if I started out with general Ed grad level classes like research and she said if I email her in October she will do her best to get me in a class in spring. My main focus until October is the GRE and trying to link up with a CRNA to shadow and pick their brain. I plan on applying to Duke and ECU for spring and Albany medical college for fall. I know it's a lot of work that I have ahead but I know I can do it. Thanks for the advice.

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