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Preparing for the TEAS V

by ShaygarLPN2016 ShaygarLPN2016 (New) New

Good evening!

I was hoping to reach out to any nurses or aspiring nurses and ask about their TEAS V experience.

I'm currently studying, taking my time with the harder subjects (for me math and a little bit with science) with the ATI Manual.

I've seen posts and threads here WAY from over a year ago of some having taken the test then. I was looking to see if maybe anyone had any recent experience with it. Difficulty wise.

I may just be letting the fear ball me up into not taking it and just giving up altogether, but the more I study, the more layers of fear I peel off. Still, there's that bit of doubt.

I live in Florida and am looking to persue a career as an LPN to later advance into RN. I'll be starting at a Tech Center here hopefully if I pass with the required grade, in January.

Basically... My question or questions are:

If you're an LPN or RN and had to take the TEAS recently (less than 2 years ago) how difficult was it?

How did you prepare? (I've given myself a month and started 2 weeks ago and am finishing the math section currently)

Lastly, do you have any advice for an aspiring nurse?

I'd greatly appreciate any professional input and guidance!

Thank you in advance!

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I took the TEAS V in August and it was much more difficult than I expected. I studied with the ATI study guide for about 6 weeks. I took one of the practice tests to identify the areas I needed to focus on then studied those areas the most. I also found some sample questions online and practiced with those. I ended up making an 83, but considering the average score is in the 60's I was happy.

Good luck!

I studied full time for about 2.5 weeks during the summer.. Did not study the last few days before the test. I scored 91.3% first try. Basically I took lots of practice tests, then go back and review topics I didn't do so well. For me, math and grammar was easiest because they are straight forward, follow the rules/by the book type of questions. English and science was more difficult to me because I analyze reading differently and science was so broad to study from.

But anyways, I suggest you do lots of practice tests. It gets you into that multiple choice mindset and helps you to see your weaknesses. I don't suggest just studying topics but instead, take tests and study mostly your weak points. If there are certain topics that you keep missing, you can try googling mini quizzes related to that topic. Google helped me a lot! Also, be sure to pace yourself during the test, especially for reading comprehension. I was a bit slow on that and had to rush near the end. That and I also suggest once you've done studying hard, give yourself free time the day before the test. Don't even touch the study material. Just go relax. Imo, my two day mini vacation before my exam date really helped me a lot actually... Overall, I found that the actual test was easier than expected in the end. I'm not a RN yet; still pre-nursing but hopefully my advice helped.

TEAS V no joke!!! Wasn't prepared for the math or science section by far. Totally bombed it first time.


I just took the Teas V today at 8 AM and finished in less than 3 hours. There were a lot of distractions in the beginning of the test because there were late arrivals and arguments regarding why the proctor would not allow them to take the test late. I was unable to focus on the first section which is reading and scored the lowest. Reading for me was suppose to be the easiest but you have to be prepared for things that might not go well. But overall I got a 90.7 which is exemplary.

Here is the breakdown:

Reading 81%

Math 100%

Science 92%

Lang. 93 %

What to expect on the test apart from distractions:

Reading: A few long passages, they are much longer than the practice tests

Math : percentages, order of operations, algebraic expressions, fractions

Science: (This has to be the most random - I saw a few questions that may not have been covered in the book but rest assured the SUBJECT is touched upon, you need to expand on the concepts)

Language: Just how you would expect from taking the practice tests



I recently took the TEAS V just last week, it was definitely a killer! I was not prepared for the science portion AT ALL, YIKES! However I only studied maybe 1 weeks time spread over a 3 week period (I'm currently working full time until I begin school.) I was told they expect your science to be low, because who really uses science on a daily basis? I did pass on my first try, YAY! I would say take practice test and whatever you are strong in be stronger and study your weak points. Did they say what you had to score to get in? I start in December.

Good luck!

I just passed my TEAS V two weeks ago. I passed the first time. I watched many, many YouTube videos while taking notes. I also read through the ATI manual and did the practice questions at the end of each section. I had just over 3 weeks to prepare. I took a practice exam from the back of the book before I began and noticed I bombed Science, so focused most of my time on that subject. Marked the questions I had a hard time with and watched YouTube videos on those things. This includes some math and most of the Science. I am 28, so been out of school for a while. Definitely studied hard and it paid off. Good luck!