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Preparing for School


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Hello all you awesome CRNAs! I need some advice from you. So I will be applying to the VA CRNA program hopefully next year. I am deficient in chemistry. As in I've never taken a formal chemistry class. I contacted the CRNA program director and she suggested UNE and their biochemistry class. So I'm thinking that I need to take general chemistry just so I have a good, solid foundation and then take organic chemistry. I'm not sure if I'll have time to take biochemistry, although I believe it's recommended to take organic chemistry 2 before biochemistry. I have a BSN and I ha e been a ICU RN for over 1 year now. So here's my question. How's my plan sound? I really want to set myself up for success in the CRNA program and I want to have a solid foundation since I was told many RNs have had a hard time with the biochemistry in the program in the past. I hesitate on taking the biochemistry test outright since it may be a bt advanced for me. I'm trying to finish this and take the GRE so I can apply to the program next year, but I'm wondering if I'll get this all done in time for the deadline of July next year. I appreciate any insight any of you have! Thanks very much!!

I have taken O. Chem and am gun shy from taking Biochem because I do not want to hurt my Sciences. If you have to take Biochem, I HIGHLY advise you take a good O chem class. Otherwise, Biochem will be a **** show. I actually think O. chem is a Biochem prerequisite for most schools that is if you must take Biochem.


Specializes in PCU, ICU. Has 4 years experience.

Thanks for your advice. I think I'm going to take a general chemistry and then O. Chem. I may take biochem as well. I just want to be prepared for CRNA school as much as I can. It's a long way off and I still have so much to do before I even apply. (GRE, Chem classes, getting interviewed, etc). I really want to be a CRNA and get accepted into the program! Thanks!!!

I want to be a CRNA soooo bad I can't STAND it. In the same boat. My school required microbiology or chemistry. I chose microbiology. :( Also, my science GPA is 2.5 gasp. So, pretty much any science class will help at this point. 2.982 nursing, 3.4 overall. In college I was on the board of directors for NSNA and worked part-time three jobs to graduate loan free. And, planned a wedding/got married while being involved in just about EVERY club and organization. At the time, as long as I passed nursing school I was happy. Did not know at the time the excitement of the OR; or the challenge and fun of watching over people during procedures. I took Barry university Intro to anesthesia class. It has been good. CCRN-CSC certified. Working in one of the largest ICU's in country/good reputation for 4yrs now. I am a leader on the unit (precept, involved in other things, trained on everything- transplant, ECMO, TAH, LVAD, RVAD, PEDS. Shadowed 17hrs so far AND LOVED IT!!! Just got to hope for the best with the grades thing. I'm planning to take the organic Chem I with lab through UNE and go from there. I read some blogs that said the UNE intro chem classes are just as hard as the organic chem class (which is graded on a curve) They told me I can take it without meeting the pre-reqs since I'm just taking the one class. Figure at this point I have nothing to lose and since I will only be taking the one class ( I have always been one for risk within reason)I think I'm going to take that organic Chem I class. Then--- Apply and see how badly they rip me to shreds for my past. :( cry, cry. Anyway, BACK TO STUDYING. Good luck with your adventure!!!!


Men...am dying to get into one too. Not to be cocky, with low GPA sciences I would go back and actually take some Grad Level classes and work your butt off to get A's and then during interview you can explain the reason why you had low grades. Working 2 jobs or Stressful Family dynamics but atleast then you wil have something to show you are great student with Grad classes. Just my 2cents...

Believe me I guess People going for CRNA are type A and we do not need anyone to stress ourselves out we do a good job at it. Otherwise do not give up. There is only one guranteed way to fail - Never trying. Thats my mind set. I will keep at it until I can't

ejnjj143- Be sure that you're taking college chem, not just a general or entry level chem that most BSN programs require. OChem (for where I went for my BSN) required CHM 111 & 112 as prereqs and they did not count CHM 101 & 102. Just double check that you're in the right prereq class for OChem. Good luck! You'll be applying to CRNA school before you know it!!


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Thanks give em zzzs! It is a college level class that I'm thinking of taking. It's with UNE online, where you can take whatever you want and not have to meet specific requirements, only recommended that you take certain ones before others. I've never taken a formal chemistry class so that's why I'm thinking of starting at the bottom and then taking O. Chem and hopefully biochem, despite the fact I have my BSN. I'm just afraid of not doing well in the more advanced Chem classes cause I don't understand the basic concepts like in general chem. It's hard, I so want to just take O. Chem amd biochem and then be done with it so I can focus on my GRE. It's hard to have patience! Thanks again!