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Hey everyone ! I'm a canadian nursing student graduating this may and need to know how to prepare for cprne. I have heard about a lot of sources such as hurst, saunders , nclex pn mastery and all of them say 100% success in the exam. What do you guys prefer the most and what has worked for you ?


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Go with Saunders at least for content and thousands of questions.


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Hi! I just took the CPNRE last month and passed. Everyone probably had different things that worked for them but I will share my method of studying.

I started studying from the Saunder's NCLEX-PN book, I did a review of all the chapters, I did this just to refresh my memory so I had a good foundation.

I then did all of the practice questions from the Saunders book and the ASI prep guide questions. It was really helpful to study the rationale for the questions I got wrong, the rationales are also given with the answer keys.

Practice questions are very helpful in preparing you for the style of questions that may appear on the exam/how to work through different types of questions.

ADPIE and ABC's are always good to think of when it comes to working through some answers. Note key words in each question and read the questions carefully!

Create a study schedule for yourself and try your best to stick to it.

I hope this helps you in some way! :)

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