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I am a military spouse originally from Massachusetts. I attend CravenCC in Eastern NC. I was accepted into Chapel hill as a junior transfer. I have an AA-psychology, so I have about two semesters of science prerequisites to complete at UNC before I can apply for the nursing program. I fully understand that it is EXTREMELY difficult to get into this program, however, I have a full academic scholarship to this school, so my only option right now is UNC-CH: all eggs, one basket. I have a 4.0 (so far!) at my CC.

Now that you have a little back story, my question:

  • What are the absolute best ways to prepare for nursing school?
  • What do you believe were the defining characteristics on the application that you believe got you, or others you know, into nursing school?

I mean, give me an exhausting list of things to help make me competitive. I have to get into this nursing school because it is my only option right now. I am willing to take the time to do anything to look good to whoever's decision it will be to admit me. I pride myself in being well rounded and knowledgeable, so no task is too great. I am low income, so if I do not get into nursing school then I will have to receive my degree in another field because I cannot pass up this opportunity for a free education.

Thank you in advance for your :twocents:,

Mrs. D. :)


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The best thing you can do is go over the admission requirements & considerations with a fine tooth comb. First, be sure you are as impecable as possible in the requirements for admission (GPA, pre-req courses, admission's test scores, etc.) Then, consider how you can sell yourself to them beyond just the requirements. Do they consider community service? If they don't explicitly mention it, do they require an essay, personal statement, or interview? If these elements are part of the admission process, you a wide open door to make them consider things that they otherwise don't necessarily require. That is where you can show yourself to be a superior candidate. Practice interviewing over and over. Write your essay and get lots of feedback from others to refine it. Contact teaching hospitals (preferably UNC) and see if you can shadow a nurse for a day to see if you're interested in nursing. That is a good idea anyway to help you make an informed decision, but it would also look great to an admission board.

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Thank you. That was very informative. I especially liked the idea of shadowing a nurse for the day. I believe that it would be a great interview piece because I know that admissions wants to know that students are committed.