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I'm an LVN/LPN in California wanting to do a bridge program to RN this year! Has anyone attended Premiere International College (PCI) in Florida recently? It's virtual except 10 days of in person clinicals per quarter. I did all of my pre-reqs at a community college (although PCI makes you retake Microbiology).

Any California students or recently licensed in CA from one of these Florida schools?

I know the CA board has become strict with operation nightingale in Florida right now. I heard all FL to CA RN endorsement licenses are on hold?

Anyone have insight?


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Hi! Did you end up choosing this school or did you find another school to attend? 


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Specializes in Do anyone plan on going in from Georgia ?.

@DVG9077 Can you Email me I didn't want to put my number out. 

[email protected]

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