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Pregnant & close to graduation

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Hello everyone,

I recently just found out I'm pregnant and I'm due June of next year. I'm graduating with my BSN this December, and I want to know how this will affect my new job. I most likely will start working in February, so that leaves only 4 months of working before I have to deliver and go on maternity leave. Are hospitals pretty lenient about this since I'll be working for such a short period? Or will my pregnancy jeopardize my new job? Any advice? Thank you!

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Well, with only 4 months of working, you will not be eligible for FMLA, which is the federal law providing various protections for family and medical leave, including the birth or adoption of a child. Those protections are only available after 1 year plus a set number of hours working for the same employer. Beyond that, it is up to the employer's policies and staffing needs. If they need a nurse to be working, it is quite possible they will hire someone for the position you held when you went on leave. Then again, they may hold it for you. It's all going to be employer specific and no one here can predict that.