pregnancy and nursing school

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Hi, ok I need some advice. Ok my plans were to apply to my local university to get accepted into the LPN to BSN program starting in January 2015. For the fall semester of 14' I planned to complete the remainder of the non-nursing classes such as Sociology, Tech. writing and Patho so that when I enter into the program I would only have nursing classes to worry about. My problem is I just found out im pregnant yesterday. And now im thinking that it would be just crazy to start nursing school while im pregnant because of all the "what if's"..My question is has anyone been through this before and what was your decision? I know every pregnancy is different but I just need some advice. Thanks

I'm 5 classes away from my BSN and 5 months pregnant. I won't be done school until 3 months after my delivery. I go to school online so I'm sure that will help. But I'm sure it'll be challenging with a newborn. I'll just have to take one day at a time and keep my eyes on the prize.


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I completed my entire LPN program pregnant. Found out I was pregnant in my 2nd term of classes. Delivered my son in Nov. graduated 2nd in my class in April. It can be done. You have to have lots of help and be willing to sacrifice alot, even time with your newborn. I also breast fed so I pumped in class and on breaks at Clinicals. I'm now enrolled in EC's LPN to RN program.