Preemployment test in Hospital


Anybody knows what it is ?

I have orientation 01/07/2008 But 3 days before they are going to test us. As they said COMPUTER/Test with scenarios. So, should be another NCLEX ?

I seems like not remember NCLEX much since I passed a board it is my first job in Med/surg unit. So my q's is....

Is anybody took the test like that and what needs to refresh..Pre operative and postoperative care or alltogether including pediatric, maternal and so on...

And what is look like NCLEX ? Harder ? Easier ?



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Don't be nervous, easier than NCLEX. You'll be fine.


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Thank you

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Is it the PBDS test?


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Sounds like the Pharmacology test they had me take during the HR paper portion of my pre-employment.

MUCH easier than NCLEX, and the timing had me earn a 97% (only missed 2 out of 112! ) because I was recently out of my NCLEx. But the pressure is still there, if you let it be. Chill and you'll be fine. As I recall, some of the answers on the Mult choice computer were absolutely inane!

You'll be fine. After that, you get to pee in a cup and get a PPD, and 48-72 hours later, pick up your badge that has your pic and RN next to it!!!




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Yes...PBDS, Dose. & Calc. questions (10).


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Yes as turned out it is PBDS test.

Are there 10 calculations q's ? Are they hard or simple ???


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If it is anything like the test I will be short video clips and you have to write down what the problem is, what you would do about it, and what orders you would expect. One example i remember was a transfusion doesnt count for or against you, it helps them gauge your skills. We were also shown pictures of problems with IVs and had to write what it was and what we would do. One was an infiltrate, another was extravasation, cant remember the others, but there were about 12 of them. We had a math test on flow rates and hep. gtts. Yours may be different, but thats what mine was like. There were questions that were NCLEX style as well. You will be fine! You passed the Boards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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