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recently, within the last 6 monthes have started preceptor program, was wondering how preceptorships are done in other facilities? any reward for preceptor? follow up you do with preceptor and preceptee? how do you schedule and how do you choose your preceptors? how many people do you have precept per shift and what kind of training do you do? thanks


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My hospital is currently working on developing a preceptor program. It is so important! In order to retain nurses, we have to see that they are precepted well!

Unfortunately, it's not finished yet so I don't have any answers for you. I hope it comes sooner rather than later, though.

I just took a new job position. do you think one precetor should be assigned to a new person in a specialty dept. or is it better to have several people precepting get several views of everbodys perception on how the job is done?


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In our facility your preceptor is your "Main go to person" They keep you on track, discuss strenghts and weakness with you. You spend time with them on the floor but you also spend time with other nurses each with unique perspectives and skills.

I don't want you to be just like me...that would get boring quick. We have Sandy (all names made up) who is really excellent in dealing with pregnant teenagers...........Amy who can get an IV into anyone...........Judy that is our formost authority on CHF and COPD...........Norm who can stitch any thing.............Betta that likes babies and getta who likes the older folk and many more.

In this way you have the stability of knowing I'm always there but you get up close and personal with other staff that can teach you so much more.

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