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Is anyone getting ready to start their preceptorship and having trouble with the lpn to rn goals? My instructor wants me to formulate some goals that are unique to a bridge student. I have spent the last 3 hours trying to write some and haven't got much.

So far I have: I will observe how my preceptor organizes her plan of care, receives report, prioritizes based on acuity, assesses her patients, follows up with labs, charting, and gives her patient hand off report to the oncoming nurse. Is this measurable? I will take any feedback. Thanks:)

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Those goals don't seem to be unique to a bridge student. I think probably you're supposed to concentrate on the differences in job description between LPN and RN. For instance, in some states LPNs cannot hang blood, hang IVPB meds or give IV push meds, but RNs can. Do LPNs assess or observe? Are there unique challenges to being an RN as opposed to an LPN? Good luck.

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