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Preceptors in TX

D_nurse D_nurse (New) New

If anyone knows a good preceptor around the Dallas/ft worth tx area please let me know . I'm willing to travel even to Oklahoma because I desperately need a geriatric, rural area primary care doctor, pa or np. Thank you so much !

Have you tried your local nurse practitioner forum? You may be able to find preceptors or information there. Goodluck...

Have you tried WellMed group? they focus on mainly geriatrics. You should try calling up small clinics. There are plenty of rural areas in TX. ALso join Texas Nurse Practitioners association because they have a preceptor list along with contact info...if you are a first year NP student membership is free and after that $60 /year for student membership. Also try areas in between major cities. South of San Antonio areas in between San Angelo and El Paso. South of San Antonio has many rural areas such as Pearsall, Dilley, and Cotulla...they have rural health clinics there if you are looking you just need to google and call them up and ask if they are willing to precept.