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Hi everyone! I'm currently a DABSN student looking for a preceptor & site for my clinicals. I am in Gap, Pa. Any help is greatly appreciated...this process has me so stressed out. 

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I'm semi-retired Home Health RN who covered a Lancaster office > 10yrs ago...

Is DABSN = Distance Accelerated BSN program?  Which college is this for?  Can they help you identify  facilities/precepter's ???

You may need several sites for clinical's depending on course being taken.

Inquire at:

Lancaster General Health -- part of  PENN Health network so maybe facility to contact their education department as they have own nursing program.

PENN State Health, Lancaster County location

Bayada Home Health  - has offices in Lititz and Downingtown; they also have a Pediatric Lancaster office

Lancaster County Office of Aging re Senior and Protective Services

Planned Parenthood Keystone for reproductive health, STD testing and treatment, HIV testing and treatment

My community health assessment was done at a local Fire Company + provided education regarding Hypertension, stress reduction and nutrition--issues identified in my assessment.

Hope these ideas help you.....

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