Preceptor assigned is instructors husband

Nursing Students LPN-RN


My husband is an LPN with seniority in our ICU. He is currently in the last semester of LPN to RN. He was assigned his instructors husband as his preceptor in a rural hospital ER where they see 5-10 pts in a 12 hour shift. I felt from the beginning this was a conflict of interest but they said they would change his grading instructor to someone else. He also felt like there would be very little learning opportunities and he was right. While there he observed his preceptor documenting assessments that he did not perform. He couldn't report this because it is his instructors husband. Fast forward to his 5th day there and they had a code. He asked questions about whether they should place an NGT and said yes to the tech when he asked about rechecking a blood sugar 30 minutes after IV insulin and D50 has been given (prior check was 58 but K was super high). His preceptor shouted at him that was practicing medicine and he couldn't do that without a physicians order. The part that is really messed up is called the school and asked to have my husband removed from the facility. Luckily the director of nursing program refused because that is automatic expulsion from the program. He is now on probation and has to write a paper concerning the students role in preceptorship. They have now changed his instructor to another one since they didn't do it in the first place. I guess my question is how to approach the situation. Does he suck it up and move on with another preceptor or try to fight what was an unfair placement to begin with?

He is probably darned if he does, and darned if he doesn't, so might be best to just go with the flow.

He's almost a RN! Tell him to suck it up! He will soon be done and will be able to look back at this situation.

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