I am having a hard time deciding on what courses I should take for the spring semester. I have only been able to get through the basics due to the fact that I had to take some developmental math courses before taking college algebra which is a pre-req for all of the science courses. I will be taking College Algebra and Human Growth and Development this spring; my other opinions are US History, Medical Terminology, Intro to Visual Arts, Microeconomics, and Ethics (not bioethics which most schools recommend). If you were in my position which course would you choose? or really what would look better?


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I'd go for Medical Terminology. I wish I'd have taken it before I tackled the ANP's. It would have made it a lot easier. Also, it was an enjoyable class.

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coming from a guy who has a B.A. in History I'm a bit biased, but even still I found US history to be really boring. I'm a bigger fan of Western Civ or World History if you can take that ^.^;

Really it all comes down to what you wanna take and what interests you the most. Only you can make that decision.


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Any combination of these sounds ok to me. Since math is not your strong point you might want to take medical terminology (since it should be easier, mostly memorization) and the other class that you feel will require less work as far as reading, writing papers, difficult exams. Good luck with your choice.


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Thanks for the suggestions.

I am actually a lot better at math then I use to be. I just needed to start over. In high school it was one of my worst subjects. I couldn't grasp it so I gave up. Now I am doing so well and can't understand what made it so hard for me back then. I guess just my immaturity. Anyway, all I am worried about is what courses nursing programs find more beneficial or courses that will help me out down the road. So far I haven't taken a course I didn't enjoy.

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