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I just finished the last of my prereq's a couple days ago...ended up with A- in chem & physiology, A in micro. I had returned to school after 10 years of stay at home mothering, so I've been focused solely on just getting good enough grades to get in...the letters go out next week, but I was already told I made it, so now it's just hitting me, in a matter of a few months, I have to start the real stuff...I haven't been nervous about it at all, since I was so terrified of even gettin in, but now I'm freaking!!! I have 3 kids, all in grade school, and since I've managed A's in the sciences, do you think I'll be ok? I've heard that there's rarely an A in nursing school, and 7 out of the 20 students in our RN program failed this semester, so I'm just getting really afraid. Is about 3 hours a day of studying enough? I figure I'll have at least that after my kids go to bed, and I could always get up earlier in the morning, so I could probably manage to get in 4-5 a day without affecting my family too much....will this be enough? To hear the current students talk, I won't have time to ever sleep, bathe, clean, or see my family!!! Is it really that all-consuming? Is getting any down time a reality? Please....a little advice!!!


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Good luck and just stay focused!! Welcome aboard!

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Well, it is true that your social life will decrease a little, but the good thing is that you have a plan of how you're going to study. I'm going to 4th level in the RN program at my school (there's 5 levels), and I have such a great love for nursing, that since I've been in nursing school (excluding pre-reqs)...I've only made 1 C and the rest As and Bs. The work itself isn't hard to me, it's just time consuming. Don't listen to other people's negative stories b/c it will only pull you down, go in with a positive mind and experience it for yourself; I'm sure you will do fine. If you have any questions, just post them; and people are here to help you. Also, the hardest semester for me was my first semester b/c I didn't know what to expect; but once I got a grasp on it, the following semesters got easier.

Good Luck, welcome aboard, and do your best!!

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