Pre-req's at OU - advice please


Hey guys,

Just wondering what everyone thinks of the pre-req's at OU? Are they really hard/time consuming or manageable? Which classes are harder than others....I want to work part time while schooling full-time, just wanted to know what others would advise...


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Yes, of course they're hard.....but totally 'do-able'. I don't know how many credits you'll be taking per term, but you need to spend several hours per day studying. The good news is that the subject matter is all really interesting!

Best wishes to you. Enjoy your classes. And retain what you learn - you'll need a lot of it in nursing school and beyond.


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i love bio, so i think i should be fine. i'm a little more worried about chem.... it'll be harder than bio for me but i'm sure with extra studying i'll be ok. i will probably be taking 8 credits both spring and summer, and around 15 during fall/winter.

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