Pre-Reqs Highschool


Hello everyone! I'm currently a senior in highschool looking to seriously pursue a career in nursing. I've always had a passion for helping people in need. I currently live in Raleigh North Carolina and was wondering if there was anyway I could start doing pre-reqs? I don't know if there are any online colleges who are willing to accept highschool students for pre-req in the nursing field. But I really want to start getting the show on the road. I'd ask my counselor but she has been no help at all so I'm residing to the nursing community to help me out. I really am passionate and want to start as soon as possible. Thank you

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It's never too early - especially if you have the opportunity to take some AP classes while they're still free in HS. Those would qualify you to save money and time by CLEPing some of your general education pre-requisites. You could also contact your local Community College and see if you can enroll in general education courses prior to HS graduation. If you're strong academically, it's no biggie to chug through the basics (e.g., English, sociology, developmental psych, algebra, etc) because they're not much different than courses you are taking in HS.

Before making any decisions, be sure to contact nursing programs for their policies on transfer credits. They may have limits on CLEP credits or transferable courses.

Best of luck on your educational journey.