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Hello all,

Im new to the site and I already love it. My question is do i have to take A&P 1and2 plus 4 math classes and chemistry before entering the bridge program or will some nursing schools include them. I dont have any college credits. Im currently a lpn student that will be graduating in november. I checked out one nursing school but it wasn't clear to me.Any comments or input are appreciated. Thanks


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I'm not sure. I went for 1 year of pre-reqs into the LPN program straight into the RN. We were required to complete certain classes before we could even apply to the nursing program. Such as...AP I and II, Writing 1, Applied math, Psychology 1 and 2, computer hmmmm what else. Our requirements to graduate the RN program in addition to those above are, Writing II, microbiology, some sort of history. I would imagine that they would require some classes but that could just be my school. Good Luck!!


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You need to pick which schools you will likely attend, and contact the nursing advisor. They will meet with you in person or on the phone and tell you EXACTLY what you need to take! Every school is different.... some will require you to take many pre-req's before even applying, and some will include most of them in the curriculum. Also, keep in mind that pre-req's sometimes have pre-req's themselves!! lol. Just to enter the class!

It may seem overwhelming, but the more you talk to advisors and get things sorted out - it will get easier.

Also - my advice - DON'T STOP GOING TO SCHOOL! Get your RN now while you are ready and pumped up and fresh out of school. Someone gave me that advice 11 years ago and I didn't listen, but it's true - you get out there and start making money and push your RN to the back burner.... I wish I would've gotten it over with long ago.

anyway, good luck!


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it really depends on the school. usually every school requires you to take assessment testing (math, reading, english) as part of the enrollment process. from there, you may be directed to take 'developmental' courses such as math, etc. (depending on your scores). count on a and p for sure, usually includes doing a dissection in anatomy (we did a cat) and chemistry with a lab. microbiology was not a pre-req for the rn but i would recommend getting that out of the way (tough course). hope this helps and good luck! :nurse:


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Anyone know anything about how the Excelsior or Indiana State College programs work. I'm looking for an online classes for lPN to Rn

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