(Pre-nursing) Where should I do my science prerequisites?

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Where should I take the science prerequisites I need to get into Nursing School? I have a BA in an unrelated field. I heard that it's hard to get into classes at Hunter. Has anyone had a good experience anywhere? Also, can you get financial aid if you are just taking some random classes like microbioloy, anatomy, chemistry, etc? How does that work?

Also, does anyone know if I will have trouble getting loans if I have bad credit?



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In order to save money I would say take your classes at a CUNY or at WCC. However, the catch with that is that those classes are filled really quickly. I just transferred to Lehman and I was only allowed to enter the API course because I discussed with the teacher that I my dream was to become a nurse and I would be applying to LIU for the Fall 2010 clinicals and if I did not get into the course now I would be delayed by an entire year. The course has been booked from the first week of registation in March or April. I am taking sciences at CUNY in order to save me $$$$$ and I will be applying in the spring and I hope that I will receive admission to LIU.

It might be to late for Fall (but some CC's like Hostos or BCC might have spaces left in API and the sciences) but apply for the Spring.

If you have money you can apply to LIU-Brooklyn or NYU or Pace and get into the nursing program and complete the sciences there.

I know for LIU and Pace you need a cum. GPA of 2.75 minimum.


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Thank you!


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The CUNY's are definetely cheaper for pre-reqs, the only downside is that they never have enough classes for all the students and they wind up filling up within the first few weeks of registration. For non-matriculated students, you will be the last to register so it'd be a miracle for you to be able to get into the clases. You also can't get financial aid if you're not a matriculated student.

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