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Hi everybody-

I am a high school senior and I have already been accepted to Cal States for Pre-Nursing.

I was wondering what advice you have for pre-nursing students, and if there is anything I can get a head start on now.

Also, if anybody is familiar with the CSU's which would you recommend for nursing: Sonoma, Fresno, San Francisco, or Stanislaus.

Thank you!

I don't know what text books are used at your school, but I would recommend you drop by their bookstore, see what book and author they use for A&P (Anatomy and Physiology). Then, go on ebay and find a used book that is a version or two behind. The books typically don't change much, it will allow you to get a head start on what can be a very difficult subject for some people, and buying an older, used edition from ebay can be quite cheap. I picked up A&P by marieb (6th ed) for only $14. It is an edition or two behind, but I can get a head start and even if I can't use it for class, it is only $14.

Good luck,

Definitely stop in and speak with an adviser and see what they may recommend.

Ok Thank you I'll do that :)

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