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I just finished all my pre reqs that are required for my school, however, don't feel like I am going to get accepted to the nursing program. I go to Suffolk Community College, and the required... Read More

  1. by   LadyFree28
    Quote from eauzirus
    Well g.p.a is a big factor but I would say take micro and just apply. There have been people who have gotten in with lower than a 3.5 so dont count yourself out.
    *hand up* I did!!! I got in...what did it was the entry exam.

    *hugs* You have been doing great so far...you can be worried about others. Keep your eyes on your goal!!!
  2. by   LadyFree28
    Quote from Chelsea13
    I don't understand posts like this, by giving up you're just making way for the people who want it more. If you want it, GO GET IT.
    True Chelesea...this is just the beginning of the many challenges of being a nurse...